Gerber® ComplEAT™ Griddle


Out of the Fire Into the Pan

The ComplEAT Griddle is sure to become your new nonstick go-to for the campsite. This full-size camping griddle pan is made from carbon steel, giving you the same durable nonstick qualities of cast iron without the weight. The square shape maximizes the cooking surface area and tall sidewalls keep food contained. The silicone-coated detachable handle is comfortable during use and is easily removed, making packing a breeze.

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Gerber built this lightweight griddle pan to be an essential and useful tool for every kind of camper. If you’re a master camp chef, or just dipping your toes into camping, this uniquely designed carbon steel griddle will outperform other non stick griddle pans and pack away with its detachable handle until it’s time to camp again–all while making memorable meals along the way.

  • Cook more with more space, the square design nestles in a two-burner stove perfectly, giving you more space to cook without crowding your pan.
  • The silicone-coated detachable handle protects hands from burns during cooking, packs away when finished, and some say it can also be used as a bottle opener.
  • Tall sidewalls keep juices in the pan and not on your stove while adding flavor to your meal.


  • Contains griddle and detachable handle
  • 11” carbon steel griddle
  • 8” stainless steel detachable handle with silicone overmold
  • Carbon steel provides a durable nonstick surface that heats faster and weighs less than cast iron
  • Square griddle maximizes surface area on 2-burner stove when compared to a circular griddle
  • Tall sidewalls to hold juices in

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